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Playing Bowls

The History of Bowls

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The History of Bowls

The best way to learn the etiquette of bowls is by playing with more experienced players. Much of it is rooted in traditions of the game and respect for your partners and opponents. Etiquette is an integral part of any coaching.

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Coaching and Umpiring

The Club has a number of coaches who follow a Bowls UK sanctioned development path which covers tuition, inclusion and safeguarding.

All players of all abilities can benefit from the tuition of a professionally trained coach – simply meet the coaches and book a session. More informal coaching is always available at the Monday afternoon Club session.

The training path to become a coach is available to all players.

As with coaching, some Club members follow a training path to become a fully sanctioned and certified Bowls Umpire.

They are in demand for the scoring and umpiring of important Club matches but many of the experienced Club members are able to Umpire on less formal occasions.

The training path to become an Umpire is available to players who have the relevant level of playing experience.

Welsh Bowls Umpires Association.

Secretary: Tricia Best at

Local Rep (Newport): Huw Jones at

Coaching Tips

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The Etiquette of Playing Bowls

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