This page will be the home for any emerging news items from or relating to club activities. News items will be listed chronologically with the most recent at the top. Items will be retained whilst still relevant.

5.12.20. Lawnmower. The lawn mower is in need of renewal and the cost of a new lawnmower is £5000 which would significantly deplete our bank balance. Hopefully, next years membership fees can be collected which would be a big help. Fortunately, Allan Hossack loves tinkering with the lawnmower and hopefully will keep our lawnmower in working order for a few more months. Thank you Allan!!

5.12.20. Enhancing Finances. After this year’s difficulties and the significant loss of income, the Management Committee would welcome any new ideas for generating income or for reducing costs. We already enjoy the contributions made by the volunteers, so we need to think afresh.