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Many of the members will be concerned about the spread of Corona Virus in the UK.  On the BBC news  on Thursday 12th of March the scientific advisers to the Government have predicted the peak of infection in the country to be around the end of May, the very time we are due to be away on tour to the Isle of Wight.  If the tour takes place then it would be upsetting if just one of our tour group should exhibit symptoms while on tour, as the rest of the group would be at high risk particularly in the coach journeys.  Meanwhile the rest of the group would have to self-isolate in the hotel and possibly stay over extra days.  The day for final payment of the tour money is the 23rd of March, so no decision needs to be made until then.  It is probable that all £25 deposits will be forfeit if we cancel.  Those who have paid sums greater than £25 will have the difference returned to them.  However I am not prepared to pay the £8,975 for the final balance from my own pocket, so people must pay the balance to me or cancel from the tour as soon as possible.  In paying the balance to me it would indicate that they are prepared to go on tour regardless.  Once paid to the tour operator money will only be returned if the Tour Company cancel.  If we cancel, the whole sum will be lost.  If even then there are insufficient numbers we would still need to cancel.  I will be the clubhouse on Sunday the 15th and 22nd from 4pm until 6pm., if people wish to see me.  I hope that this issue will be discussed at the Club’s committee meeting on Thursday19th.  My own personal view is moving toward cancellation, but I will tour if there is enough support

Mark Handcock

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