Booking sheet no longer available – Green Closed

Please read ALL the conditions of play BEFORE booking.

Players will have to book a slot for playing AT ALL TIMES and play will be subject to the rules as outlined on the Interim Club Rules Page. At all times a Duty Supervisor will be on duty to assist wherever necessary and to ensure the protection of all players.

There will be a maximum of three rinks at a time in play each day to ensure adequate social distancing – Rink 1 or 2, Rink 3 or 4, Rink 5 or 6 on alternate slots . The duty supervisor will organise the use of rinks.

Play will be in 90 mins. max slots with 30mins. allocated for clean up and change over. No Measuring to take place.

The Club will open at 11.30 each day for play to commence at 12.00

To reserve a slot for play , view the booking form by clicking on the link below. Select a slot that is free and telephone, text or email Sue Cousins (07711085269) or Peter Ralph (622037 or 07754209042) to book.

Note – Rinks will be made available for the two weeks ahead, so if the you can see the form for the date you want on line you can book it. Rinks CANNOT be booked on the day of play.

Please ensure that you read and understand ALL the conditions before you book. To ensure fair availability, each player is allowed 3 slots per week.


As a supervisor you must follow the government guidance regarding health, social distancing, hygiene and your own personal safety.

On arrival to the Club House

  1. Own safety – It is recommended that Supervisors wear gloves and masks at the beginning and end of their session, these are provided by the club unless you have your own. (on table at entrance)
  2. Check the booking form to see which rinks to be used and members arriving.
  3. Keys – open toilets, check that all appropriate toiletries are in place and signs
  4. Keys – open side gate, position table by entrance, signs in place & sanitising equipment.
  5. check all tapes are in place closing off club house, changing rooms, benches and hand rail onto the green.
  6. Further information displayed at the club

Preparation of the Green before member arrive

  1. To minimise the risk of infection, only essential items should be utilised during any session.   *Mats, Jacks, rink markers only* placed on the appropriate rink
  2. At each Rink a bucket should be in place with all sterilising materials including gloves, members to use this after their game before leaving the club.

Arrival of members for session

  1. Meet members at the gate, ensure no players exhibit flu or coronavirus symptoms on entry.
  2. Ensure no unauthorised members enter the grounds.
  3. Sanitising hands and information given before going onto the green. (Information: – No personal leather glove to be worn, clean equipment after use by using gloves provided. Once session finished leave the club.)
  4. Advise Sue if a player does not arrive.
  5. Supervisor to check Rinks and equipment before next session.
  6. Supervisor change over time should be 15 minutes to allow hand over to another member. Supervisor should not leave the club until arrival of next person.
  7. Last session of the day, supervisor to put all equipment away after sterilising has been done, door handles of equipment shed, toilets, club house and chairs to be sterilised before leaving.  Deposit all rubbish including toilet bins into black bags and set aside for disposal.

22nd June 2020