30 September 2020 Green is now closed for the winter. This page will be left available for information.

    General Rules

  1. Chepstow Bowling Club will only be open for Committee meetings and roll ups and only available to members who live locally.
  2. There will be no AGM and the Committee will continue with the existing Members for next season unless any replacements are required.
  3. New Members will not be accepted for this season.
  4. All social functions and competitions are cancelled.
  5. Non-members, visitors, young persons and spectators and anyone from a household with Coronavirus symptoms are not permitted to enter the Club.
  6. If you feel unwell; coughing, high temperature, difficulty breathing, please stay at home.
  7. Committee meetings will be permitted in the reception room, observing social distancing but will be restricted to a maximum of eight people.
  8. Communication will be via the website, by letter and by email; the noticeboards are not to be used.
  9. Always observe social distancing standards i.e. two metres for the remainder of the season.
  10. Members are strongly recommended to follow government advice on mobile tracing technology.
  11. Rubbish bins, benches, tables, chairs etc. will not be made available for use.
  12. Rinks to be booked in advance through Sue Cousins, Peter Ralph or Mike Roy for entry into the website booking form and each player to check the website immediately before visiting the Green.
  13. Bookings will only be accepted within a seven-day window.
  14. If a player is unable to play, then they must advise Sue, Peter or Mike so that an attendance record is maintained.
  15. Each Member is restricted to playing three sessions per week.
  16. Travel to the Green on your own or with members from the same household only – do not offer a lift to or accept a lift from anyone outside your household.
  17. Players should bring their own sanitiser and use this throughout play.
  18. Avoid using the toilets at the Club, unless it is an emergency and clean anything you have touched after use.
  19. The Gents and Ladies toilets will be restricted to one cubicle and one wash hand basin per toilet and only paper towels to be used for drying hands.
  20. A first aid kit will not be made available.

     Arrival Rules

  • Do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your allocated booking time.
  • Bring your own drinks and do not share drinks. Food is prohibited.
  • On entering and leaving the premises, wash or sanitise your hands. Hand sanitisers will be provided.
  • Bowls and any other personal equipment should be washed before you leave home.
  • Put on your bowls shoes and clothing at your car and leave everything in the car.
  • Only one person to enter each toilet at a time i.e. ladies and gents only.
  • Entry to the Green will be via the side gate, the club house being closed except for the toilets.
  • The disabled toilet will be closed unless a Member specifically requires the facility.
  • A supervisor will open and close the side gate, toilet and equipment shed, prevent the entry of spectators, and enforce these rules. Refer to the ‘Role of the Supervisor’ for further details.
  • Competent Members will be appointed as Supervisors.

      Playing Rules

  • In the event of adverse weather, sheltering can either be under the terrace roof or in your own car.
  • Do not touch other Member’s bowls and equipment.
  • A maximum of 12 Members to be playing at any one time.
  • A maximum of 4 Members per rink.
  • Every other rink to be in play at any one time.
  • No markers are permitted.
  • Playing sessions to be restricted to a 90-minute period with start times of 12 noon, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm.
  • Members to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes and leave no later than 10 minutes to avoid overlap with other groups.
  • Social distancing must be observed throughout the game, particularly at the ends of the rinks.
  • No measuring to be undertaken and no scoreboards, pushers, ditch markers or chalk to be used unless it is spray chalk and no gloves to be worn.
  • A bowling arm/lifter will be permitted but not for shared use.
  • Only one person per rink is to handle the mats.
  • Only one person per rink is to set the jack, each rink to have two jacks.
  • Do not touch your opponent’s bowls with your hands.
  • Do not shake hands or hug etc.
  • The wearing of face masks is recommended but optional (not provided by the Club).

     Departure Rules

  • Use the sanitising materials provided to clean the affected equipment, surfaces, furniture, door handles etc. before and after play.
  • A sanitiser spray will be made available for cleansing the mats and jacks, ensuring that they are dry before use in the next session.
  • Once you have completed your roll up, please return immediately to your car.
  • When you arrive home, please ensure your bowls and equipment are cleaned thoroughly after use.
  • Members must call or email the Secretary with any post roll up health issues or COVID-19 related queries, at the earliest opportunity.

      Maintenance Rules

  • Maintenance must be undertaken at times when there are no roll ups.
  • All maintenance work must be undertaken with the appropriate wearing of personal protective equipment, (PPE) e.g. gloves.
  • Maintenance equipment such as the lawnmower, vacuum cleaner, tools etc. to be cleaned or sterilised by the user before and after use.

CBC Executive Committee

22nd June 2020